Thank You, Thing

thank you, thing

Making a habit of being grateful is a good thing, particularly us Westerners who are for the most part privileged.  Stopping to reflect on kindnesses and the people in our lives can be very enriching but I also find myself utilising things and being grateful for how much easier they make my life.  I mean, these days it’s like we can’t even remember how we survived without the internet.  Or the internet on our phones!  The amount of times I’ve had to Google something in the middle of the shops, well, what did I used to do before?  I can’t remember, those days are long gone.

In this vein, today I would like to thank today’s inanimate object, the couch throw.  You know, the warm blanket that stays on the lounge during the colder months.  As the sun dips behind the horizon in the evenings, and the weather cools, it’s at hand to throw over yourself and snuggle in, wishing you had someone to make you a cup of tea so your feet didn’t have to touch the tiles again.

Such a simple thing, is the throw.  I remember shopping for mine, I had specific ideas about how it would look and feel.  It’s not exactly as I’d imagined, mainly because I had no intention of forking out the kind of dosh it would take to get the Pinterest-worthy throw of my dreams, but it’s still almost perfect.


It’s an off white, soft waffled cotton weave on one side and soooooft faux sherpa fleece (type material) on the other.  It keeps me so snuggly, feels lovely on my skin, and when I’m under it I feel a little bit like the ladies in the IKEA catalogues – living life a little bit luxuriously.

This week as Australia finally realised it was Autumn, and the temperature dropped enough for me to pull this throw out of hibernation I was genuinely excited.  I couldn’t wait to warm up under my soft (thoughtfully chosen) blanket and I jumped up with a little waggle in my walk, put the kettle on, some tea in the tea pot, and welcomed the rectangular metaphor for safety and security back into my every day life.

Aaaah couch throw.  Thank you.