I’m Melanie, a “mature aged” (38 c’mon I’m not that mature) student on student benefits in Australia.  I study public relations and journalism, and so I’m creating this blog to teach myself things that will be imperative to my future career such as WordPress skills, SEO optimisation, and of course hone my writing skills.

I made the decision to become a full time student so that I can meet my personal goal of graduating by the time I’m 40 to start my new career.  I didn’t want to drag out the beginning of the rest of my life by staying in full time work and having the money, but dragging my degree out from three years to six (or longer) so that I didn’t burn out.  I’m happy with this decision for now, although if the right full time job comes up ya never know!  I might take it.

In the meantime I have to be frugal by necessity, but if I set myself little challenges and deliberately choose to have the mindset that I can make frugality a fun hobby then I can save a little money.  Especially as there is a good chance that in the next few months I won’t have the job I have now, that’s important, because unemployment is high in Australia and I’m not sure I can get another job immediately.

I’ve also recently taken up the challenge to work towards zero waste.  For the past few years I have made it a priority to align my actions with my values.  I became vegan, and in June 2017 had my two year ‘veganversary’, and now I am comfortable in my comittment to veganism, I have the brain space to move on to my next challenge, zero waste.

This blog is where I’ll share thoughts and experiences, not preach.  It will help me keep positive, on track and keep perspective.  Frugality can be fun and satisfying, veganism is incredibly fulfilling, and zero waste is a huge challenge that I mostly enjoy tackling.  I can channel that here, by joining the frugal, vegan and zero waste communities!

Comments always welcome, I hope to be chatting to like minded people soon.