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five frugal things

I discovered this ‘five frugal things’ post idea, started on The Frugal Girl blog and I love the idea.  I love it so much I’m joining in.

It’s a reflection on ways I’ve been frugal over the past week, and the bonus about keeping track of them, is that I’ll be mindful to maintain my frugal ways and find new ways to be frugal so I have something for a blog post each week.

1.  $40 Grocery Challenge

This past week I continued to challenge myself to spend only $40 for the week on groceries.  That budget is to cover toiletries as well.  Basically anything I would normally buy from a supermarket, so it’s not very much dosh, but for probably an average of three weeks out of four it’s doable.  The grand total spend for the week came to $39.90.

2.  Used up a lot of food in my fridge

This week I made sure I ate leftovers – even if the combinations on my plate weren’t my first choice!  I was mindful to use what was in my fridge/pantry, and work recipes and my grocery shopping around them more.

3.  I shopped around for replacement items

I am about to run out of moisturiser and there really isn’t a budget for things like that.  I just keep savings and I’m loathe to spend my savings on anything.  I decided not to dip into the savings anyway, and used my budgeted spending money, and thankfully remembered that a new beauty product shop opened locally that has 40% off everything.  I bought a Sukin brand moisturiser, they’re vegan and also the base type of range of beauty products (meaning they’re budget and not extraordinary) and I got nearly $6 off!  It came to just $7.80 and lasts a couple of months.  Frugal buy yeeeaaaah 🙂

4.  I used up my PayPal balance to buy dinner

My Easter dinner plans went out the window because a restaurant took my booking when they shouldn’t have, they were closed for the Easter period.  Buying a good vegan meal in the radius my family were prepared to travel in was then made impossible so opted to stay home.  I had worked my whole week’s menu and groceries around being out for dinner so there really wasn’t anything for me to eat that wasn’t breakfast food (porridge etc) and I was pretty disappointed.  I decided to order in some UberEats because I had $12 from a credit sitting in there not getting used which brought my balance down considerably.  I am supposed to be getting a $50 voucher for the issue at the restaurant I had booked, so overall I will have spent less money on dining out/ordering in than if I’d kept my booking.

5. I used free wifi

Sometimes I need to study outside the house to avoid distractions.  I used to go to Starbucks and pay for a drink to get one hour free wifi, and one day the server was kind enough to inform me that the the whole shopping centre had free wifi and it was pretty good (I had presumed it would be terrible).  I went back this week to do some study in the food court and used the free wifi.  I took myself a snack, and was able to stay longer than the hour I would have gotten with a Starbucks coffee.

If you’re following along with this post yourself, please leave a comment and link to your blog!


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