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five frugal things

I discovered this ‘five frugal things’ post idea, started on The Frugal Girl blog via a post on A Bird With a View blog and I love the idea.  I love it so much I’m joining in.  So there!

It’s a reflection on ways I’ve been frugal over the past week, and the bonus about keeping track of them, is that I’ll be mindful to maintain my frugal ways and find new ways to be frugal so I have something for a blog post each week.

*A little side note: as I start to fill this blog with content there will be more posts than readers would normally be getting from me when I start on a regular blogging cycle.  I am getting this blog to a point where it’s worthy of feeding into social media platforms – you can read about why I’m bothering to think of such things in my About page.

1.  $40 Grocery Challenge
This past week I challenged myself to spend only $40 for the week on groceries.  That budget is to cover toiletries as well.  Basically anything I would normally buy from a supermarket, so it’s not very much dosh, but for probably an average of three weeks out of four it’s doable.  The grand total spend for the week came to $41.65 because I did ‘splurge’ a little on half a watermelon and some half price peanut butter I didn’t technically need.

2.  Used up a LOT of food in my fridge
I don’t normally scour my fridge and pay as much attention to what’s in there as I did this week.  In addition, I almost always eat what I feel like eating even if that means an item or two will go to waste if I don’t make something to use it up.  It was never exactly a conscious decision to waste, it was more a sort of self indulgent habit to eat whatever I want despite some collateral wastage.  This week I used up so much and got some really important perspective on food waste while I was at it.  I used up the last of food in jars, the produce in the crisper, emptied out some bags of lentils and deliberately chose not to immediately replace anything that didn’t require immediate replacement.

3.  I shopped around for groceries
If it wasn’t going to cost me the same in petrol as I’d save on groceries going from shop to shop, I shop-hopped last week.  I have a fairly good idea of which supermarkets or shops have the best value on a lot of items, although when it comes to produce it’s always a gamble.  I split my groceries between Coles, Woolworths, Aldi and a local fruit shop.

4.  I skipped the chiropractor
I’ve been going to the chiropractor on average once a fortnight for almost a year.  I know I benefit from it, but I’ve recently decided that if I have to go that often for so long then my body isn’t really doing the self-healing it’s meant to be doing, and if I feel fine then I can stand to miss a few sessions and put the money away.  I actually feel better than ever since going and I’ve kept it up for a long time so pushing the sessions out will not be to my detriment.  I basically only go because I study for so long each day, I just like to get my neck cracked.  Everything else is in alignment.

5. I joined an online HIIT video tutorial website instead of a gym
Well, to be fair, I was never going to join a gym.  But for $10US a month (roughly $14AUD per month) to have my very favourite style of exercise (high intensity interval training, or HIIT) delivered right to my computer by my very favourite instructor (I’ve been following her for over seven years!) it’s a really frugal way of keeping motivation (this isn’t a sponsored post).  Sure walking is free but it’s a drag.  Every day, there are new workouts uploaded, and there are challenges to participate in as well.  I also went to Big W to buy myself a set of hand weights for $8 each instead of going to Rebel Sport or some other far more expensive store.  So that’s it, for the cost of a set of hand weights (I have other home gym equipment like a yoga mat and kettle bell already) and for a measly $14 per month I can be motivated to stay fit.  The best thing about it, as soon as I start to lose interest – and I hope I don’t! – I can just unsubscribe without penalty or notice.

If you’re following along with this post yourself, please leave a comment and link to your blog!


6 thoughts on “five frugal things

  1. I’m still broke! Ha. We might have to share articles and get our names out there…maybe the both of us can help someone out there on the internet lol


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